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New Employee Spotlight: Ashlee McCluskey

By March 8, 2022No Comments

Help us welcome Ashlee to the AHI Family!

Meet Ashlee McCluskey, our new Marketing Specialist that works in our Birmingham office.  We’re so lucky to have her as a part of the team!  Get to know a little bit about her and what makes her awesome.

Ashlee in a blue AHI polo

What is your position with AHI and in what city?  

I am the Marketing Specialist at our headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Birmingham.

In front of the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham, England

What are your interests outside of work?  

Outside of work, you can find me out with my friends on the weekend.  I like to try new places that pop up around the city.  You might also find me hanging out at home with a good book or a video game.  I really enjoy going to new places and traveling to places that I’ve never been before.

Do you have a secret talent?  

I don’t know how secret it is, but I’m really good at karaoke.

Do you have a favorite sports team? 

It depends on the sport.  If we’re talking about football, Auburn Tigers all the way.  I love baseball as well.  I enjoy supporting the Birmingham Barons at Regions Field and for the major league, I’m a big fan of the Atlanta Braves.

Do have pet(s)? Tell us about them.  

I do!  I love black cats.  I have Beauregard, Beau for short, who will be two this April.  I also have Theo, who will be a year in June.  Both were strays that just kind of found their way to my door.



What is your favorite local restaurant?  

My current favorite probably had to be Shu Shop.  It’s on Third Avenue North and really a good center to  some of my favorite nightlife in Birmingham.  Their pho and the hot and sour brussel sprouts are my favorite things on the menu.

What app do you use the most? (Excluding social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) 

I probably use Twitch the most.  It’s a good hub for all of my interests.  I like to watch streamers passively while I get ready to go out or when I’m cooking dinner.

What do you think is the most valuable thing about corporate housing?  

I’m pretty new to the world of corporate housing.  I like that it’s effectively my apartment when I stay in one.  Staying in a hotel where you can’t really make anything your own or living in someone else’s home where nothing fits you specifically, it’s where corporate housing is different.  Even if it’s just a month, a place should still feel like your home.