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When is the last time you went a whole day or even a few hours without using a mobile app? I can’t remember either and that’s okay! It’s 2017 and the world moves around mobile apps and devices. It’s our way of life.

We asked some of our guests and other frequent travelers what apps they use the most. We even tested out a few for ourselves. From grocery delivery to navigation and even exercise, there’s an app for anything you need. Whether you are on the road a lot or in the air, here’s a list of apps to use when you get there.


Shipt Grocery Delivery

How it Works

You sign up for a membership, select your groceries and choose a delivery date. Shipt partners with people in your community that pick out exactly what you order from your local market. They deliver your goods within the next hour or whatever time is convenient for you. It’s free for members who buy $35 or more.

Shipt is popular among AHI guests because they have a full-size kitchen to use. Unlike a hotel room, AHI apartments have plenty of space to cook and prepare meals.

63947702 - woman opening a vegetable delivery box at home, online ordering







Blue Apron

How it Works

Blue Apron is more than just grocery delivery. They deliver fresh, quality ingredients, in exact measurements for recipes that you pick out. Their concept is to minimize waste and enjoy fresh, home cooked meals. It is especially helpful if you want to avoid the grocery store all together or just don’t have time to shop.

Ok, I’ll say it. Blue Apron is pretty cool! You can set up your own schedule. I get one once a month, but several guests mentioned getting theirs more frequently. My husband and I love to cook, so it’s been really fun to try out new recipes. Not to mention, it is definitely a time saver on busy weeknights. It’s nice to know everything is prepped and all you need to do is read the directions.



Zyp BikeShare (Birmingham Only)

How it Works

Zyp BikeShare is a network of kiosks and 400 bikes offered around downtown Birmingham, AL. Residents and visitors can access the kiosks 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Riders can check out bicycles for short rides by swiping a credit card or purchase memberships.









Spotcycle (Nationwide)

How it Works

Spotcycle is a similar to Zyp, but operating in most major cities.



How it Works

Uber is a mobile app used for ride sharing and as an alternative to a taxi. Tap each ride option to see your wait time, vehicle size, and price. Then enter your pickup location and tap request—your driver will arrive in minutes. Your ride comes to you. You’ll see your driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app, so you know you’re getting in the right car. There’s a handy dandy map for tracking. When you reach your destination, hop out and rate your driver on the app. Uber automatically charges the credit card on file, so you don’t need cash.

43260392 - varna, bulgaria - may 26, 2015: uber app startup page and uber search cars map on the front view white and black apple iphones. isolated on white background.

I use Uber everywhere. It takes the guessing out of waiting for a cab and overall more reliable and convenient. I recommend this app for when you are traveling and when you’re out and about in your own city. It’s the new way to get around.



How it Works

Waze is a navigation app that helps drivers avoid traffic jams, roadblocks and other road woes that can ruin your daily commute. You simply type in your destination and leave the app open while you drive. In our poll, several people were huge Waze fans. Those navigating around new places used it daily and those at home used it to avoid traffic or construction delays.

My personal Waze experience wasn’t that great. I typed in a very familiar destination and it took me on a very odd journey. It was also set on a pretty annoying voice by default. However, the amount of positive feedback I received from our poll tells me that my experience is rare. If you’re in a new city and need some direction, I’d still recommend Waze. I’m going to give it another try!




How it Works

CamScanner is revolutionary in the world of business travel. It allows you to scan any type of document on your smartphone or tablet on the go. After scanning with your devices camera feature, you can save the document for later use or share it. We’re talking all of your expense reports, receipts, meeting notes and agendas, business cards, etc. You won’t worry about losing those receipts ever again!




How it Works

7MWC is the 7 Minute Workout Challenge and it is designed for your busy lifestyle. It’s perfect if you frequently travel and don’t have a set fitness schedule. This is great to use in your apartment or in the community fitness area.

45135836 - young woman is doing stretching exercise at home

“The app developers have put together 12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes but achieve the equivalent of an hour’s workout. The catch is – you need to do them to the best of your abilities (high-intensity) and rest very little in between. When rest intervals are too long, it undermines the effectiveness of the workout. The 7 Minute Workout effectively increases your metabolism, so the benefit is in effect throughout the day.”



This is not a mobile app but a useful online service we’d like to share with guests traveling with kids!

How it Works

Baby’s Away is a baby and child equipment rental service with over 80 locations throughout the USA. They provide clean, quality baby gear such as; cribs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, toys, etc.

What we love about Baby’s Away is you don’t have to check this equipment if you’re traveling by air. And if you’re traveling by car, this is one way to save space. How nice it is not to have a clunky Pack N Play taking up your whole trunk! Your rental items can be shipped to your destination and waiting for you and baby when you arrive at your apartment.

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