Corporate Housing Companies

AHI Corporate Housing capably assists other corporate housing companies to meet their customers’ requests. In many instances, an important customer needs a short-term solution in an area where they currently don’t have inventory. AHI Corporate Housing provides a solution to satisfy these requests.

To find out more about our corporate housing rentals, please email Sara Price at, or call 800-505-9001.

AHI Corporate Housing helps corporate housing companies all over the country to expand their offerings to their guests by providing high-quality furnished apartments in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

We take care of placing another corporate housing provider’s branded items in the unit and will provide excellent turnkey solutions throughout the entire process. Alternatively, we meet your client’s request and can offer referral fees if you’d rather AHI Corporate Housing to handle the entire reservation.

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Moving a family of five 2,000 miles away is beyond stressful, but you helped take some of that stress away. You were so sweet. I could hear your kids in the background so I know you were taking time away from your family to check on mine. From one mom to another, thank you for everything!!

Oklahoma City, OK
Shannon S.