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And the Answer is: All the Above

By: Carlo Romano

Corporate Housing providers offer solutions to many business travelers, but many more are mystified by the options they find online. During a quick online search, a traveler may find a furnished hotel room or a bedroom over someone’s garage – both claiming a “home away from home” experience. Although this may be true, it is not always the best option and the typical business traveler will feel the pains of this option only after check-in.

Corporate Housing is not a commonly known name to those outside the industry, and even less known to those traveling for business for the first time. When an AirBnB listing or Extended Stay hotel pops up in a Google search, the traveler is left with a lot of options that sound the same but are quite different. One provider summed it up very accurately, “Our industry is having an identity crisis” – Ralph Moore, AHI Corporate Housing.

The offerings of an official Corporate Housing provider may be defined as a “Furnished Apartment”, an “Extended Stay” residence, a “Serviced Apartment”, or even a “Short-Term Rental”. So, the traveler must discern which applies to their specific needs and providers must provide more than lodgings – they must provide clarity. With that in mind, which term is best for the business traveler. Well, the answer is All the Above.


However, the answer is not the solution. The solution is relevant. Is the business traveler staying for a long period and would a tax break benefit them? Would this traveler like to bring a pet? Does this traveler need a concierge service? Is community important? And, does the traveler need more amenities then usually found in a hotel or someone’s house?

True Corporate Housing providers tailor the ‘Home Away from Home’ experience to the needs of the business traveler, and they do it well. What they must do better, is communicate that to the business traveler that is unaware of Corporate Housing.

If you have questions about business lodging – please feel free to reach out to us at AHI Corporate Housing. We love people and are here to help you understand the benefits of Corporate Housing.           Call us at 800-505-9001 / Email