AHI Corporate Housing can be a business traveler’s best friend when it comes to finding a place to stay. Not only are our accommodations cost effective, it is more comfortable than a hotel room – even an extended stay hotel room.


AHI Corporate Housing provides extended stay furnished apartments in upscale communities to fill your housing needs during your internship.

& Military

AHI Corporate Housing is pleased to be of service to our Federal Government and military personnel. We understand the complexities of housing government and military personnel.

Corporate Housing

AHI Corporate Housing capably assists other corporate housing companies to meet their customers’ requests. In many instances, an important customer needs a short-term solution in an area where they currently don’t have inventory.

& Media

Hollywood no longer serves as the sole hotspot for major motion pictures or entertainment productions. Many movies are now filmed on location throughout the country, and states like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Oklahoma welcome the extra revenue generated by the entertainment industry.


International travel and relocation continues to grow as businesses become increasingly global. With services geared toward the global traveler, AHI Corporate Housing has interpreters available to assist during the transition period.


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Rental Homes

AHI Properties is a property management company that specializes in rental homes in the Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile areas.

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Help When You Need it

AHI will help you worry less about where you’re staying and focus more on the job at hand.

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Guest Reward Program

Earn points every time you stay at any of our locations! You can redeem these points for free trips around the world!

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Nationwide Locations

Extended stay furnished apartments from Atlanta to Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Knoxville, and almost every major city in between.

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