What is Corporate Housing?

AHI Corporate Housing rents furnished housing to individuals, military personnel, and businesses, primarily for longer than 30 days. It generally consists of apartments, condos, and homes and seen as an alternative to a hotel room. Guests enjoy more space, household essentials and a full size kitchen to prepare their own meals.

Furnished apartment homes with all the comforts of home.

Corporate housing providers have a standard expectation that includes everything from furniture to internet service to welcome packages, ensuring high levels of service and accommodation.

The Value of Corporate Housing by CHPA

We provide services to a variety of different industries too. AHI often works with professionals in education, banking, medical, construction, film, military, technology and much more. Read more

For an employee being transferred to a new city, staying among local residents is of particular value in determining where in the city he or she will want to live permanently. An additional benefit for a corporate housing client is the ability to leave one’s personal items intact when returning home for weekends, or traveling back and forth.

The Value of Corporate Housing by CHPA

We know that travelers, such as you, are interested in getting the best value for the best and most comfortable accommodations. You will not be disappointed by working with our expert and professional team at AHI. We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call at 888-899-8240 or visit our Contact page.

How can we help you?

I want to commend Vicki Sims and TJ Flatford, in the Mobile office. I
have never dealt with two more professional people in my career, who
are also so responsive to any challenges I had. They both have been
extremely personable and so very easy to deal with. It has been such a
pleasure working with them during my corporate stay.
I just wanted to let you know both Vicki and TJ are excellent
representatives of AHI, and are rare in that they work to always put
the client, first.

Mobile, AL
Byron H.