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What is Corporate Housing?

Provides furnished apartments to individuals, business travelers, military personnel, and families, corporations, primarily for longer than 30 days.

Our True Passion

Fully furnished apartments and serviced apartments offer great benefits to the business traveler, individuals, families, and corporate housing providers.

Serviced Apartments are used in the same manner as furnished apartments but have more of the amenities one would find in a hotel. It may include a pool, gym area, and services like housekeeping.

Furnished and serviced apartments are sometimes interchangeable terms and are vital to the corporate housing industry. AHI Corporate Housing offers both and are willing to help the would-be resident to determine what may be best suited for their needs.

We provide services to a variety of different industries too. AHI often works with professionals in education, banking, medical, construction, film, military, technology and much more.

Industries We Serve

Moving a family of five 2,000 miles away is beyond stressful, but you helped take some of that stress away. You were so sweet. I could hear your kids in the background so I know you were taking time away from your family to check on mine. From one mom to another, thank you for everything!!

Shannon S.Atlanta, GA

Corporate housing providers have a standard expectation that includes everything from furniture to internet service to welcome packages, ensuring high levels of service and accommodation.

The Value of Corporate Housing by CHPA

For an employee being transferred to a new city, staying among local residents is of particular value in determining where in the city he or she will want to live permanently. An additional benefit for a corporate housing client is the ability to leave one’s personal items intact when returning home for weekends or traveling back and forth.

The Value of Corporate Housing CHPA

We know that travelers, such as you, are interested in getting the best value for the best and most comfortable living accommodations. You will not be disappointed by working with our expert and professional team at AHI.

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