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Healthy Tips For The Busy Traveler

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Long flights, client dinners and after work drinks are all very familiar to the modern day business traveler. They also make for a wider waistband and can lead to health concerns if you aren’t careful. You don’t have to blow your diet because of a business trip. We’ve put together a few ways to help those of you on the road keep your calories in check.

Food Network’s Chopped Judge and Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian travels for a living and in a recent Shape Magazine interview, gave some insight on how he stays on track.

  1. Be extra-strict about your diet. Zakarian says he’s even more disciplined on the road than at home, because there’s so much temptation (we all know how one bite of that dessert someone else ordered can turn into two, then three, then—you get the point). For example, look over your schedule in the morning to see where and when you may have the most temptation food-wise, then work accordingly to prepare for it.
  1. Skip the drinks at work events.“It’s business. When I am meeting people, I want to be sober and clearheaded,” he says. Plus, you’ll save yourself some calories.
  2. Find a hotel with a great fitness center.“The minute I get there, I go to the gym,” says Zakarian. He does Pilates every day, but if a hotel doesn’t offer it, he has a backup routine.

We came across a few other helpful hints while doing our research. Some very simple tips are to just look for REAL food at the airport. “Avoid packaged and processed snacks. Raw, unsalted nuts and fruits available from food vendors are not only portable but high in fiber, to keep you satisfied longer between meals,” says Natasha Withers, Physician at One Medical Group and Entrepreneur Contributor.

Another thing Natasha wants readers to remember is getting a salad is great but try getting the dressing on the side. The nutrition value of a salad doesn’t add up too much when it’s smothered in a dressing. Most salad dressings are high in sugar and fat. It’s best to ask for your dressing on the side so you can control the amount you’re eating.

Lastly and perhaps the simplest rule of all is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger and can lead you to snacking on junk.


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