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Hurricane Season 2018

By September 4, 2018June 19th, 2019No Comments

Too late is not the time to start preparing…

Hurricane season 2018 has proved to be a nasty one, as we all nervously watch Hurricane Florence make her landfall debut on the Carolina coasts. It has reminded us just how many people can be effected by storms of this size. With the record rain fall that is being predicted along with damaging winds, Florence will cause problems far inland.

Be weather aware and be prepared.


FEMA offers some tips specifically for apartment residents living in Hurricane prone areas.

Bring inside any outdoor furniture, planters, decor and other items from patios, balconies or breezeways.

Store your 10 days’ worth of supplies
Storage space in apartments is often limited so storing your supplies may be challenging. If your kitchen is small, find space in a closet, under the bed or even behind the couch. Fill bathtubs and the washer with water that can be used to flush toilets and for sanitation needs.

Steer clear of windows
Don’t stand near windows during a storm, and keep your curtains drawn. The National Hurricane Center advises against using tape since it can cause a false sense of security and also lead to larger, more dangerous shards of glass blowing through your apartment.

Check your insurance coverage
Confirm what is covered. Contact your agent to insure your personal property and to buy flood insurance, if it is not included.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

It’s important to know who may need or can lend a helping hand in an emergency. Residents will likely gather in communal areas, and working together helps everyone get through the emergency.

Park your vehicle in a safe area

Assess your assigned parking spot and, if necessary, take your car to another location away from possible flooding and falling debris.